Braiding With & Without Added Hair Class

Braiding With & Without Added Hair Class

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Braiding With & Without Added Hair Class

Cornrows are braids that are created flat against the scalp. Cornrows are the foundation to most sewn-in hair extension techniques. Learning this basic skill is a must in order to learn and accomplish most hair extension techniques.

What you will learn.

In this class you will learn how to create cornrows with the client’s natural hair and with added synthetic hair for hair textures that may call for it's use. You will also learn how to determine the best braiding patterns for the desired extension style that you will create for your client depending on the client's hair density (or scarcity), texture and head shape.

Class Cost: $295
Includes: Materials and Tool kit (mannequins are provided)
Deposit: $150 (Balance must be paid no later than 2 days before class)
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