Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment Workshop
Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment Workshop

Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment Workshop

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Keratin Hair Smoothing Workshop

This course and curriculum are suitable for both beginning stylists and seasoned professionals.

You will learn the pros and cons of performing a professional Keratin smoothing treatment.

The course is taught by thick and curly hair specialist, Lance McBrayer, and winner of Boston A-List’s Best Hair Straightener for three consecutive years in a row. He is also a former Elite Style Artist at Masello Salon Services of New England and senior Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment educator.

In this course you will acquire knowledge and skills that will give you absolute control of the methods and materials used to smooth, straighten, strengthen and rehabilitate hair.

Course Format:

Theory and hands-on


A Certificate of Completion of a Keratin Smoothing Treatment Workshop
What you will learn:

You will learn and practice the following:

Diagnosis and knowledge of hair types and quality of hair structure (Colored hair, virgin hair, with or without highlights, hair client history and more)
Hair and scalp health
Setting realistic expectations
Familiarity with customer wishes and emphasis on how to have a consultation with the customer
Preparation of hair prior to performing work
Selecting the type of Smoothing method best suited to hair type
Implementation methods and emphasis on each of the existing
Dealing with adverse scenarios and unwanted results
Hands-on work accompanied by instruction, from start to finish
Working with puffy hair, thinning or damaged hair
Ways to maintain healthy hair
Cutting methods after smoothing treatments
Hair smoothing results, straight, super-straight "planks", naturally smooth (if the purpose is to loosen curls)
Pricing and work plan
Renewing Keratin straightening
Professional Marketing
The smoothing treatment process:

The process reveals an incredible world of little details that show a comprehensive picture of great importance at the end. The experience and expertise of Lance will accompany you in the most professional manner to help you achieve the best possible results. Additionally, the knowledge you gain in this workshop will help you understand other processes in the hair design industry and will significantly improve your professionalism.

Tools to leverage your career and market yourself:

Keratin smoothing treatment workshop graduates will receive a "Keratin Smooth Treatment" Certificate.

Class Cost: $295
Includes: Step-by-step instruction and Certification (a live model must be present)
Deposit: $150 (Balance must be paid no later than 2 days before class)
Class Date: TBA
Registration Deadline: N/A


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