Keratin Strand-by-Strand Workshop
Keratin Strand-by-Strand Workshop

Keratin Strand-by-Strand Workshop

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Keratin Strand-by-Strand Workshop

The client’s hair is parted and sectioned into mini sections with a fusion shield. The keratin bonded fusion strand is fused using a fusion connector and sealed, then client’s hair is cut and styled as desired.

What you will learn.

How to do a proper consultation to determine if this extension technique is proper for the client's hair texture and density. You'll also learn how to create proper sectioning, how to place fusion strand and seal, how to blend the client’s natural hair into the extensions and how to style client's hair.

HOT FUSION: Heat is used and is attached by keratin based glue tip

Class Cost: $699
Includes: Materials and Tool kit (mannequins are provided)
Deposit: $350 (Balance must be paid no later than 2 days before class)
Class Date:
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