Silicone-Lined Beads

Silicone-Lined Beads

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100 Beads/container

Beads hold I-Link and Flat-Tip Hair Extensions in place for a smooth, polished look. Get 360 degrees of movement and ultimate styling potential with HairLux’s 3 types of Hair Extension Beads.

Silicone beads are a gentle bead option for I-Tip Extensions. The aluminum beads are lined on the inside with soft, supple silicone which won't fade or rust. They allow for a full range of movement, reduce slippage, and hold hair securely without damaging hair.

Using beads is easy. The client's hair and the pre-tipped extension strand fit inside the bead. String the beads on the Loop Tool to make threading beads onto hair easy and smooth. Use the Lux Extension Tool to crimp the bead closed, holding the hair inside. To remove the bead and release the hair, clamp in the opposite direction

Our products are designed to work together, so for the most comfortable, longest-lasting hold, we recommend that you use HairLux beads with HairLux hair.